Quality is Our Concern

All projects revolve around two things: TIME and MONEY. Nothing affects your bottom line more than finding solutions to problems that could have been avoided. Knowing your materials and ensuring correct installation is the first step to achieving precision. This is where the Southeastern Testing & Engineering team comes in. With years of experience, and ongoing training, we strive to provide you with the peace of mind that your project stands on solid ground.

Call us today for comprehensive and prompt test results that will keep your construction on track.


Who Benefits from Testing?

Anyone who appreciates knowledge and transparency!

From foundations and irrigation systems to roadways and high-rises, construction projects must be monitored for soundness and safety. Even in situations not enforced by governing bodies, everyone benefits from site & materials testing, and routine inspections.


Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that your new investment was sitting on a solid foundation, or that back flow prevention systems protected you from water contamination?


Prevent your quality of work from coming into question with documentation by a third-party.


After presenting the perfect set of plans, the reassurance that professional steps were taken to accurately complete your design.


With various projects needing constant oversight, a reliable inspection & testing partner will help monitor all of the moving parts.


Performing exploratory geotechnical tests will determine exactly what your project is going to entail, and prevent unexpected issues from arising.


Protecting water districts, ensuring the longevity of roadways, and implementing third party code enforcement to prevent negligent building practices … all require testing and monitoring!


Safeguarding investments and loans with the confidence that funded projects are property constructed.


Obtaining previously documented facts for a legal case can reduce time and money on unnecessary investigation.

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